A Few of My Favorite Things: Holiday Sampler

Just a sprinkling of loosely-connected musings in the approach to the holidays.

This is kind of like the time I bought my sister a collection of various bags of potato chips from 7-11 for Christmas.  (I was in college.  I think.)

. . .

(1) This is a good time of year to scope out new and noteworthy tech products, because this is when everybody releases their holiday gift buying guides for lawyers.  Start with Reid Trautz’s latest edition, and work your way over from there.  There’re a lot of them.  The trick is, there’s no rule saying that you can’t buy this stuff anytime of year.

(2) Next up, there are the 2017 legal industry predictions.  I started early, at the urging of David Bilinsky.

(3) If you ever wanted to be a law practice management consultant, here’s my best piece of advice: Recommend the Fujitsu ScanSnap first.  I’ve never come across an attorney who didn’t love it — or, who didn’t love me for recommending it.  So, if somebody wants advice on how to buy malpractice insurance?  Tell them to get a ScanSnap.  Somebody needs to hire a new associate?  Buy a ScanSnap instead.  What’s better than having a cheetah for a pet?  Well, you get the picture . . .

. . .

Liner Notes

This is absolutely the most depressing Christmas song of all-time.  This is what it would be like if Thomas Hardy wrote a Christmas songOr, Jethro Tull.

Circle of Steel’ by Gordon Lightfoot

Or, Gordon Lightfoot, I guess.

I’m pretty sure Jamie will never include this on his ‘nice’ list.