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Remember that old saying about there being too many cooks in the kitchen? Law partnerships can be like that. Antiquated practices can become entrenched, if you’re not careful. Sometimes, it helps to have an outside voice to independently assess your situation and help you to adopt modern, efficient workflows across your whole team.

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Red Cave Law Firm Consulting provides 2 hours of phone or web-based business management consulting services per month for small firms at a low monthly or annual rate.

Small firms that regularly engage a law firm consultant are more efficient and grow more quickly than their competitors.

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How it Works:

  • 2 hours per month of phone or web-based law practice management consulting

*In-person consultations, technology services and emergency services are also available, and charged separately. Email [email protected] for price quote.

2 – 5 Attorney Firm



*Start-Up Small Firms of 2-5 Lawyers get the first month FREE.

6 – 12 Attorney Firm




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