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Being a solo lawyer is tough. More than anything else, it’s isolating. It’s hard to find the time to get the information you need to help you to make cogent business choices.

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Red Cave Law Firm Consulting provides 2 hours of phone or web-based business management consulting services per month for solo attorneys at a low monthly or annual rate.

This represents a regular and continuing opportunity for you to address the most important business management decisions you face with a consultant who can provide recommendations tied to your specific situation.  Accessing a consultant with legal industry knowledge will help you to become more efficient, acquire better clients and increase your revenue.

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How it Works:

  • 2 hours per month of phone or web-based law practice management consulting

*In-person consultations, technology services and emergency services are also available, and charged separately. Email [email protected] for price quote.



*Start-Up Solo Practitioners get the first month FREE.

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