Build Your Own Law Firm #11: Social Media

Building a brand is largely about creating consistency and expanding reach.  There are a number of ways that that can be accomplished; but, probably the cheapest and easiest way to do it is to utilize content marketing.  Content marketing is just what it sounds like: marketing via the creation and dissemination of content.  Content is broadly defined, and could include text (like a traditional, regular blog), images, videos, etc. — pretty much anything you can publish online.  While it’s fairly straightforward to create and manage a blog, or add a video to your website — you’ll want to publish more broadly than that.  And, using social media is the easiest way to broadcast your content focused on your expertise.

The more you can tell people about what you do, show them your knowledge, gain their trust, the more clients you’ll eventually acquire.  The advantage of posting your content to social media services is that you expand your reach exponentially each time you utilize a different service.  Consider the math: If you have 5000 followers on Twitter, 3000 connections on LinkedIn and 1500 friends on Facebook, every time you post something on those channels, you have the potential to reach 9500 people.  And then, if any of those people repost what you’ve posted, you have access to their networks, and from there the numbers expand exponentially.  It used to be that lawyers would have to go through a long-term editing process and find a magazine to publish something.  Now, you can publish anything you want, anytime you want, while simultaneously developing a larger reach than those old school publication methods offered.

And, setting up profiles on social media services is straightforward — far easier than creating a website, which itself is becoming easier than ever to do.  Once you have a professional photo and a logo, just follow the prompts for any service to develop a page for your business — keeping in mind that some business pages are valuable (Facebook) while others are not (LinkedIn).  Even if you plan on remaining solo, or using your personal social media accounts for exclusively professional purposes, just claim accounts for your business name, in case you need them at some point in the future.

When your accounts are established, develop a publication schedule for your social media posting, just as you would for posting to your blog.  And, if you’re having trouble effectively managing many different platforms, use a social media management tool, like HootSuite or Buffer, to login and post to different services at the same time.

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